Wesley Towers wants to provide the best possible care for your loved one. Your response to this survey will help us in this endeavor.

In general, how would you rank the quality of care that we at Wesley Towers provide?
Quality of Meals
Quality of Dining Experience
Nutritional Needs are Supported
Staff are Respectful, Willing to Help, Pleasant
Nursing is Knowledgable about Medical Care
Nursing is Knowledgable about Treatment Techniques
The Staff have Personal Knowledge about Choices and Needs of your Loved One.
Rehabilitation Therapy
Nurse Aide Care
(C. Medication Aide, C. Nursing Aide)
Nurse Care
(Charge Nurse, Care Coordinators - RN+LPN)
Staff show Care and Concern for your Loved One.
Staff are Respectful and Responsive to Family.
Staff keep you Informed about General Care Information and Care Changes.
Administrator/Business Staff responds to you Timely.
Staff treat your Loved One with Dignity and Respect.
Care Plan Meetings are Helpful in Supporting Resident Choices and Care Needs.
Staff show Respect for Privacy
Residents Personal Needs are Met.
(Pain management, assistance with daily hygiene, bathing, etc.)
Safety of Facility
Security of Personal Belongings
Cleanliness of Premises
Nursing Home Appeal
Quality of Laundry Services
Religious /Spiritual Opportunities
Social Service is Responsive to your Loved Ones needs/requests
Activities meets your Loved Ones Choice and are Meangingful and Enjoyable.
Your Loved One feels Part of the Community
Recommendation to Others
Overall Satisfaction
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