Letter from the President/CEO 3/2/2021

With a new month starting and more vaccines administered across the country, we’re optimistic new regulations may be coming soon regarding restrictions. Nothing has changed as of yet though, as we heard loud and clear during a Kansas Department of Health and Environment update call to providers last Friday. The drivers for continuing indoor visits remain county positive test rates and a lack of positive tests on campus. If the county rates spike or we experience a positive test among residents or staff, visitation is again restricted for at least two weeks. Indoor visits are a blessing and we encourage you to schedule one at your convenience.

Regarding non-pandemic news, restoration efforts related to our pipe bursts are proceeding but slowly due to the scope of the damages in the area causing restoration companies and contractors to be spread very thin. I read recently that insurance carriers are predicting this winter storm event to be one of the costliest disasters in our nation’s history. As we move to warmer weather and people are more "out and about,” please continue to practice good infection control efforts when out in public!

Mark Mains



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