Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

With the approaching winter storm to the region, we wish everyone warmth and safety during the upcoming inclement weather.  If you must get out in the snow/ice please take extra precautions and read the following tips before stepping outside.


A Closer Look at the Infographic:

(1) Bring a cane or walking aid if necessary

(2) Remember any medications you might need in the next 24 hours

(3) Bring enough extra cash for bus or taxi rides

(4) Wear anti-skid shoes and boots with the laces tied

(5) Tell someone where you are, expect to arrive and return

(6) Pack water and a snack. If there is a delay, it’s important to stay hydrated and energized

(7) Make sure you are wearing several layers and include a wool hat, gloves/mittens, a coat and a scarf

(8) Know your transportation options to and from the destination. Don’t drive unless it’s an emergency

(9) Only walk on clear and dry sidewalks and use any available handrail

(10) Charge your cell phone and keep a list of emergency contacts



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