Wesley Towers Welcomes Therapy & Recovery Services Director

Wesley Towers is pleased to introduce Aaron Dinkel, our new Director of Therapy & Recovery Services at Wesley Towers.  Aaron joins us with great experience and is a Certified Physical Therapy Assistant.

Wesley Towers provides a comfortable, family environment for clients on their road to recovery. Physical, occupational and speech therapy services are provided for outpatient and inpatient care. Our newly renovated Therapy Center includes a fully equipped kitchen, laundry and bathing services to assist with regaining strength of daily living activities, Biodex New Balance System, NuStep equipment and private therapy rooms.

Following a hip or knee surgery or a bout with a short-term illness, you can rely on Wesley Towers Recovery Services to get you back into your active lifestyle. We're here for you ... just long enough to get you back onto your feet again to return home. Your success is our goal!

To learn more or to schedule a tour, please give us a call at (620) 694-1243. 



"I'm in the right place. Folks around here are great; the food is incredible and the transportation is helpful since I no longer have a vehicle."
- Reverend Robert Brooks More Testimonials