Salute to our teachers

It's back to school time once again, and all of us at Wesley Towers want to take this opportunity to salute the retired educators who make their home with us. Our independent living residents have over 763 years experience in teaching the youth!

"I join Wesley Towers in saluting educators this month.  You as educators have done so much to change lives, open doors, and assist individuals of all ages to discover their potential.  Educators are certainly the unsung heroes of America.  The reward that an educator experiences is often from afar seeing the individual blossom knowing that he/she had a hand in that transformation which is the greatest feeling that an educator can experience.   The  delayed gratification of a student recognizing the educator, perhaps decades later, in a simple note in many ways validates all of toiling that has been done in the vineyard of education.   Once again, thank you Wesley Towers for saluting our educators, the unsung heroes of America." -Dr. Ed Berger, former President of Hutchinson Community College.

Our hats off to...

Betty Allen, 30 years
Vada Ambler, 20 years
Annasteen Blackim, 34 years
Dannie Clodfelter, 34 years
Kay Clodfelter, 21 years
Shirley Detter, 36 years
Vera Durr, 27 years
Jan Dwyer, 30 years
Fifi Eckrote, 28 years
Mary Fletchall, 13 years
Millie Hall, 29 years
Allen Hirst, 29 years
Fontella Hunt, 20 years
Garlon Jarnigan, 20 years
Ramona Jarnagin, 20 years
Marilyn Lynch, 40 years
Barbara Morti, 21 years
Shirley Murphy, 25 years
Roberta Price, 25 years
Donna Showalter, 28 years
John Showalter, 39.5 years
Esther Smith, 22 years
Homer Smith, 40 years
Sue Smith, 32 years
Ron Wagerle, 36 years
Charles Welsh, 40 years
Marian Youmans, 12 years
Raymond Youmans, 31 years



"I've lived at Wesley Towers since 2008 and I've always received the best of care and services from the staff."
- Helen Rosenblad More Testimonials