Mobile Medical FAQ

Mobile Medical FAQs

  • Does Mobile Medical make "house calls" at Wesley Towers? Yes! 
  • What if I have a doctor? Can I continue to see my Primary Care Provider? Yes! Our residents have a choice as to who they see as their Primary Care Provider. Mobile Medical works alongside primary care providers and specialists to manage acute or chronic medical conditions to ensure the best outcomes and decrease or prevent ER visits and hospitalizations. Mobile Medical will communicate with your PCP to make sure they are up to date with your medical care. 
  • How much does it cost? Mobile Medical contracts with Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Replacement plans, as well as third party payers. Your cost is the same as it would be in the traditional doctor's office.
  • Can Mobile Medical write prescriptions and order tests? Yes! Mobile Medical will do full examinations, order appropriate lab and testing based on your medical conditions, write prescriptions and manage acute and chronic medical conditions. 



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