Letter from the President/CEO 6/15/2021

Thankfully, pandemic numbers remain very low in our county and we are likely to receive new regulations and guidance soon from federal and state health authorities. It remains my assumption that most restrictions will lift for society as a whole when we achieve 70% of the population having received a vaccination. This milestone will likely be a two-sided coin for our industry in that some restrictions may be lifted indefinitely regarding visitation and interaction, but it will not stem the operational mandates that continue to be heaped upon us from many regulatory sources. OSHA just recently has issued new regulations for healthcare providers, which will probably be permanent in nature and not subject to end when the national state of emergency declaration is rescinded. Fortunately, the new OSHA mandates are nearly identical to practices we have in place and I don’t foresee this new mandate causing any significant changes here. But as we have seen throughout the pandemic, rules for the rest of society are not necessarily applicable to healthcare providers and senior communities. Please enjoy Father’s Day this coming weekend and continue to use good infection control practices at events and when in public places.

Thank you,

Mark Mains



"We have had nothing but excellent treatment since moving into our duplex. We feel comfortable and safe and it is comforting knowing there are people here to help mom if she needs anything. "
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