Letter from the President/CEO 2/23/2021

Our focus last week shifted briefly from pandemic to broken water lines. Barring any new problems to add to the count, we had 12 pipes bust due to the extreme cold weather. Like many senior communities, Wesley Towers has older buildings with long hallways, which means long attics that are very difficult to work in and access. With plumbing running through the attics and continued subzero temperatures, it was just a recipe for disaster. We appreciate the patience of our affected residents as we clean up and dry out! It will be several weeks before all work is done to repair ceilings and walls. Regarding the pandemic, we had no positive tests returned last week. Indoor visitation is available in Collier Assisted Living, and the Towers and Manor buildings. Please call (620) 727-7169 between 9:00am and 5:00pm weekdays to schedule a visit. Visits in Thorne and Hester will be available soon provided we have no positive tests this week among residents or staff.

Please stay safe and follow infection control guidance. Thank you!   

Mark Mains



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