Letter from the President/CEO 2/16/2021

We’re now a week past our second vaccine clinic and happy to have that behind us! Our third clinic is March 1st and 2nd and it is ONLY for people who have already received their first shot. No initial doses will be available at the March event. We’re working with the Reno County Health Department for the availability of vaccine for future needs with new residents and employees. Please remember, at least as of today, nothing significant has changed regarding visitation or access to Wesley Towers because of the vaccine. Reno County positive test rates and positive tests on campus continue to determine what level of visitation is available. We experienced two positive tests last week with employees working in Thorne and Hester and are not able to offer indoor visits in these areas for at least two more weeks. Neither employee was symptomatic and both tested negative just two days before the positive tests. Both were removed from work and asked to quarantine at home. Collier, the Manor, and the Towers are able to offer indoor visiting. Please call our visitation scheduling phone at 620-727-7169 between 9 am and 5 pm weekdays to schedule your visit.


The extreme cold is wreaking havoc with our water pipes in the attics, which may cause unexpected cancellations of visits if an area is impacted by frozen or burst pipes. We’re also being informed of potential power outages and natural gas shortages that may impact visit schedules as well.


Please stay safe and warm!  


Mark Mains



"We have had nothing but excellent treatment since moving into our duplex. We feel comfortable and safe and it is comforting knowing there are people here to help mom if she needs anything. "
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